Photo Album

Dirty Valley boyz raising money for charity (and golf) at Avila Beach 2018
Dirty Valley crew at the 2 Man Scramble – Sherwood Forest – 2018
Dirty Valley invades Scottsdale, Arizona – 2017
Tommy Rasey – 2016 Dirty Valley Champion
Dirty Valley boyz slog it out in the mud. Madera Shootout 2019
It’s the 19th Hole Foo!  Madera Shootout 2019
The DVGC – Hunter Ranch 2017 (This is why you face the sun when having your photo taken)
Izzy, Joe, Super and the Mob. Kings County Assoc of Realtors Tourney 2018
Let’s just say…he should’ve taken the penalty stroke.
APRO Golf Tournament – June 2016
Hoisting up the new cup. 2018 Visalia winners
You know who you are…..LOL
Can you name the 4 golfers in this photo? If you’re a DV baller you probably could.
Lynch Mob 2019 Madera Shootout Champion