Par 3 Poker

Play PAR 3 Poker Baby!

This is an optional Dirty Valley game and you are not obligated to play. But if you’re feeling lucky….for $5 you can play PAR 3 Poker.

You get 1 card before the golf round starts. So even if you don’t hit any Par 3 greens, you still have a card in the Poker game.

For each Par 3 green you hit with your tee shot, you will receive another playing card.

The maximum number of cards you can get is five. Which means you hit the green on all four Par 3’s, plus the card you received at the beginning of the golf round.

How Do I Win?

Show your best poker hand. It is possible (although unlikely) to win with just one card. The best poker hand wins all the buy in dough.

If you don’t play poker – see below for winning poker hands.

In the no hand scenario an Ace is considered high.