Flag Hunter 33

Current Flag Hunter Prize Pool is: $120.00

Chuck Villegas 4′ 11″ Sherwood Forest GC 7/24/21

Ruben Mendoza 8’6″ Kern River GC 4/24/2021

Mark Lynch 17′ 6″ Lemoore Golf Course 3/13/21

Welcome to the FLAG HUNTER 33 Challenge

Dirty Valley tour players now have the chance to compete for cash and glory in our Flag Hunter 33 Challenge.  There is no extra charge to compete in the competition.  A portion of all tournament entry fees funds the Flag Hunter 33.

How Does It Work?  Every tournament on the Dirty Valley Tour becomes a Flag Hunter 33 Challenge.  On the third PAR 3 of every course, we have an ongoing closest to the pin competition.  The first golfer with the closest shot to the pin will have an official tape measurement to establish “the bar” for the beginning of the season.

Once “the bar” is established that becomes the target for DV Tour golfers to get inside of (closer to the pin).  The golfer with the closest measurement to the pin (regardless of golf course) at the end of the season wins the prize pool jackpot.

Note:  If a hole in one is made.  All current monies in the Flag Hunter 33 Challenge are paid out.  A new flag hunter competition will then commence at the start of the next tournament.

Measurements will also be kept for 2nd and 3rd closest to the pin shots. In the event that closest to the pin winner does not qualify to win (see below), the prize pool will be awarded to the 2nd (if they qualify) or the 3rd place closest to the pin shot. If none of these shots qualify as a winner, the prize pool will roll over to the next Dirty Valley golf season.

What Should I Know?

1)  You must compete in at least 60% of the competitions to qualify as a winner. (In 2021, this is a total of 9 of our 15 tournaments).

2)  This does not apply to Ryder Cup Competitions.  The current format of closest to the pin on every hole will still apply at Ryder Cups with a completely separate buy in.

3)  Measurements are done from the front of the ball to the pin in the center of the hole (so the pin should be in when measuring). Hence the name closest to the pin. We have an official measuring device as of 2019.