2017 Tournament Results

Final Standings 2017

The River Island Open

The Rampage on the River
Porterville, California
Saturday  –  October 21st, 2017

Winner: Chuck Villegas
The Rampage on the River 2017

The Avila Beach Invitational
The Avila Beach Bum Bonanza
Avila Beach, California
Saturday  –  October 7th, 2017

Winner: Scott Rasey
Avila Beach Bum Bonanza 2017

The Pheasant Run Chowchilla Open
The Thrilla In Chowchilla
Chowchilla, California
Saturday  –  September 9th, 2017

Winner: Al Rasey
The Thrilla in Chowchilla 2019

The Ridgecreek NFL Classic Dinuba
The NFL Challenge
Dinuba, California
Saturday  –  August 12th, 2017

Winner: Tommy Rasey
The NFL Challenge 2017

The Hunter Ranch Golf Challenge
The Hills Have Eyes
Paso Robles, California
Saturday  –  July 22nd, 2017

Winner: Chuck Villegas
The Hills Have Eyes 2017

The Morro Bay Golf Invitational
The War By the Shore
Morro Bay, California
Saturday  –  July 8th, 2017

Winner: Mark Lynch
The War By The Shore 2017

The Dirty Valley
Riverside Classic
The Rumble on the Rails
Fresno, California
Saturday  –  June 24th, 2017

Winner: Jason Coleman
The Riverside Classic 2017

The Dirty Valley
Desert Classic
The Meltdown in the Desert
Scottsdale, Arizona
Monday  –  June 12th, 2017

Winner: Al Rasey
Dirty Valley Desert Classic 2017

The Tulare Shootout Epic
The Shooter McGavin Fun Fest
Tulare, California
Saturday  –  May 20th, 2017

Winner: Mark Lynch
Dirty Valley Tulare Open 2017

The Eagle Springs Cup
The Masters
Friant, California
Saturday  –  May 6th, 2017

Winner: Scott Rasey
The Masters 2017

The Dirty Valley Championship
The Lemoore Open
Lemoore, California
Saturday  –  April 22nd, 2017

Winner: Al Rasey
The Dirty Valley Championship 2017

The Madera Gang Green
The Gang Green Cup
Madera, California
Saturday  –  March 25th, 2017

Winner: Scott Rasey
Madera Gang Green Shootout 2017

The Dirty Valley
Visalia Open
The Visalia Hack Attack
Visalia, California
Saturday  –  March 11th, 2017

Winner: Matt Lonczynski
The Visalia Open 2017

The Airways Golf Challenge
The Air Raid at the Airport
Fresno, California
Saturday  –  February 25th, 2017

Winner: Josh Castillo
The Airways Golf Challenge 2017