The Dirty Valley Golf Club


Welcome to the Dirty Valley Golf Club

Founded in 2016, the Dirty Valley Golf Club is a members only golf club. Based in the Central Valley Region of California, the golf club gets its’ name due to the heavy pollution that plagues our Central Valley. Hence the name Dirty Valley Golf Club. Check out our logo below. Notice the gas mask?

Our members come from the Hanford, Lemoore, Visalia, Tulare and Fresno areas. And our annual Tournaments of Champions Tour is played out at fifteen (15) golf courses throughout the San Joaquin Valley and Central Pacific Coast Region. Our Annual Tournaments of Champions Tour begins in February and ends in September,

Although currently an all men’s golf club, the Dirty Valley is open to men and women over the age of eighteen (18). To become a member, you will have to be voted in by at least 1/3 of our current golf membership.

How It All Works

Membership is $60.00 annually, and is paid at the start of each Dirty Valley season. All memberships end on December 31st of each year. Your Dirty Valley membership also includes a membership to the Northern California Golf Association (NCGA). Cost is $70.00 if you’ve never had a handicap or your NCGA membership is over a year old.

A $11 entry fee for each tournament is required to play. These fees are used for medals, and cash prize challenges such as longest drive and closest to the pin, or the Flag Hunter 33 Challenge. Plus you will be entered into our fun and popular Par 3 Poker Challenge that occurs at each tournament.

You must be an approved (paid) member of the Dirty Valley Golf Club to participate in the tournaments and challenges.

Once you are an approved member you will be invited to play on the Dirty Valley Golf Club Tour.  Like the PGA Tour, our DVGC Tour has pre-determined tournament dates for the entire year.  These tournaments occur every two weeks on average with a break in August.

You are not required to play in every single tournament.  You can play in all, some, or simply just the tournaments you like during the Tour.

Every two weeks members are invited to play for the Dirty Valley Golf Club Cup (DVGC).  If members decide to accept the invitation, they must notify the DVGC by the registration deadline. They will then be added to the booking reservations that we do on the Saturday before the tournament.

The tee times for our Tournament of Champions Tour are all booked at once and may have up to five foursomes.   If you miss the deadline, you are out until the next invitational tournament.

A minimum of three (3) members is required for a tournament.  If a tournament cannot attract three members.  That tournament will be cancelled and no points will be awarded for that week.

The current holder of the cup then retains possession for another two weeks.

The winner, based on the USGA handicap system, takes home our DVGC Champions Cup.  The winner retains possession of “the Cup” until the next tournament at which time the Cup must be made available.  Whether the winner is playing in the next invitational tournament or not. 

Failure to make the Cup available will be a 6 point penalty from the annual points totals of that player. Multiple violations may result in membership termination.

Points are totaled throughout the year based on the results of your order of finish in each tournament you decide to play in.  The member with the most points combined has their name engraved on the DVGC Champions Cup for that year.

The Dirty Valley Golf Club Scoring System or (How You Win Tournaments)

Stroke Play
The 2021 Dirty Valley Tour features stroke play tournaments.  Utilizing a USGA handicap.  You can establish one by obtaining an official USGA membership. We recommend joining the Northern California Golf Association.

After each tournament point values are calculated and totaled to determine first through 5th place.  All participants who finish the round (tournament) will automatically receive 1 point.

Points winners are determined and assigned as shown below

1st  Place                 4pts
2nd Place                3pts
3rd Place                 2pts
4th Place                 1pts
5th Place                .5pts

***All players automatically receive one point for playing and completing the round.

Dirty Valley Golf Club Cup must be made available for all sanctioned tournaments.  Failure to bring it or make arrangements to have it at the next tournament will result in the following penalties:


 No Gimmes

We putt out everything at Dirty Valley Golf Tournaments. No exceptions – No gimmes. If you pick up your ball instead of putting out you will be assessed a 5 stroke penalty for every hole this occurs. Note: This will taken off your tournament score and not your handicap score.